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Leadership Impact

Oct 23, 2019

This season flipped the script on traditional thinking, causing a fundamental shift in the way we relate to accountability.

In the old paradigm, accountability was about explaining what went wrong; it was something to avoid; something that took up time at work; it was either the thing that missing or the thing we were subjected to; and it caused lots of suffering in organizations.

Out of listening to this season’s episodes, a new orientation accountability has emerged that is empowering; one that’s about creating the future; one about partnership; in fact, it opens a whole new paradigm of how we can interact with others.

Join Kari Granger and Paul Adams as they share highlights, provide recommendations, and reflect on Season Two. With an eye towards the future, Kari and Paul invite the audience to provide feedback on the podcast and suggest topics they would like to see covered in Season Three of Leadership Impact.

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